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TDS launches 1 Gigabit high-speed internet service for businesses

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April 25, 2017

TDS Telecom (TDS®) announces the availability of 1Gig high-speed internet service for commercial customers in Middleton and Black Earth, Wis.

According to TDS, offering 1Gig internet service ensures they are meeting the ever-growing demand, by customers, for bandwidth. For businesses, 1 Gig service allows for faster file transfers between a business and their customer. In addition, it provides quick access to cloud based services that are important to the success of every business.

“With a 1Gig connection, businesses will enjoy a lightning fast internet experience,” said Shane West, vice president of Marketing and Product Development at TDS. “Because high speed internet is so critical to businesses, in today’s digital world Gig speed will help them connect faster.”

Business customers can order the new speed immediately. West added, “For years, TDS has been deploying fiber optics throughout the region. Now, because of our investment, we’re able to expand Gig service to businesses.” 

For more details about TDS’ 1Gig service, visit tdsbusiness.com or call 888-CALL-TDS.