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Overture’s Playhouse Gallery Explores the 1960s

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May 25, 2018

Overture’s galleries create a forum for diverse artistic expression that fosters the growth of local artists, curators and arts organizations. The summer cycle in the Playhouse Gallery, titled “The Sixties Revisited”, is open May 4 – June 24, 2018, with a reception on Wednesday, June 13 from 6-8 p.m. (sixties attire is encouraged). The gallery and reception are free and open to the public.
The 1960s was a complex and contentious era of expanding consciousness and social upheaval that profoundly changed our nation. The 34 contributors, most from Dane County, include artists of the sixties, contemporary and younger artists working today. The show explores the era and its reverberations in our current time through a wide range of topics including music, politics, protest, war, gender and consciousness. It explores social issues faced in the 1960s and continue to face today. 
Artists featured in the gallery include:
Michael Duffy
Richard Ely & Martin Saunders
Bruce Fritz
Ray Gloeckler
Caroline Greenwald       
Karin Hanson
Lewis Koch
John Kowalczyk
Pat Kroth
Ryan Laessig
Fatima  Laster
Katharina Marchant
Robert  Matejcek
Andrea Musher & Kim Charles Kay
Leslee Nelson
Jill W. Pfeiffer
Pamela Phillips Olson
Beth Racette
Lybra Ray
Chris Revelle
John Riggs
ST Rivera
Katherine Rosing
Leora Saposnik 
Cherie   St. Cyr
Terry Talbot
Emma VanDell
Dan S.Wang
Bill Weege
Kurt Westbrook
Megan Wilson
Mary Alice Wimmer
Amanda Wood
“If the Beat Generation of the Fifties was the dynamite that blew up the logjam of post-war complacency, it was up to the artists, intellectuals and hippie generation of the Sixties to explore the cultural implications of that event,” said contributing artist, John Riggs. “Madison in the 1960s was a Midwest way station between San Francisco, Berkeley, and Greenwich Village for this tidal wave of rebellion, new thought, and cultural evolution. And the 602 Club (so named from its address, 602 University Avenue), midway between the University campus and the State Capitol, was the watering hole for many of those riding the crest of that wave.”
Overture Playhouse Gallery is sponsored by Norman Berven & Barbara Mittelstaedt Berven, The Arts Access Fund, a component fund of the Madison Community Foundation, Webcrafters-Frautschi Foundation and by contributions to Overture Center for the Arts.