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Middleton Area Public Lands Endowment (MAPLE) News

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November 14, 2018

The Middleton Area Public Lands Endowment (MAPLE), created two years ago by the City of Middleton, is now an independent fund held by the Madison Community Foundation. MAPLE is growing an endowment for the future of Middleton’s parks, conservancies, trails, and forests. As is true with other endowments, the principal from the fund will not be distributed, but the earnings will be available for improvements to public lands.

This year, MAPLE will do its first big end-of-year appeal for funds. You may begin to see emails from info@middletonmaple.org or direct mailings from MAPLE. The flood in August and continuing rains in September reminded us how important your donations to immediate restoration are and how important MAPLE is for growing a fund for the future. MAPLE will work to build a base of small and large donations into a fund that can help us continue to provide access for everyone to a wide variety of public lands.

If you have questions about MAPLE, please contact their committee of advisors through info@middletonmaple.org. Their mission statement and the page for donations are at