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Easter Seals Wisconsin Unveils Revitalized Brand

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September 20, 2017

National Easterseals is launching the organization’s most significant brand initiative in more than 50 years. With this in mind, gone is the Easter Seals lily logo, which dates back to the 1960s — a moniker of our most successful fundraising campaign — and in its place, a warm sunburst to signify the bright inclusive future we’re working toward.

“The launch of our new brand is a banner for us to change the way the world views and defines disability, not as a condition that labels people, but rather a part of life that affects all of us. We’re excited to introduce the reenergized Easterseals to not only our network of supporters, but also to those who may not yet know who we are,” said Easter Seals Wisconsin President and CEO Christine Fessler.

Our next step in this re-brand is to connect more broadly with the people who could benefit from and support our services. We partner alongside people with disabilities to set and achieve high goals, building on individual strengths and interests. Easterseals fosters that every day, and we see great value in illustrating through our actions that everyone with and without disabilities has a voice and a contribution to make.

The population we serve is diverse and its needs are many:
- One in six, or about 15%, of children aged 3 to 17 years have one or more disabilities;
- The unemployment rate for people with disabilities continues to be nearly double the rate than for people with no disability;
- More than 578,000 family caregivers in Wisconsin provide care to someone age 18 and older who is ill or has a disability.

These are just a few of the statistics illustrating why the need for disability services and advocacy has never been greater — this unmet need is the driving force behind our efforts.

“People need different services as they move through life and Easter Seals Wisconsin has evolved to meet many of those needs. The new look is just a continuation of an evolving organization. The look is fresh and clean and revitalized, said Fessler. “We’re not changing the work we do. We’re still providing the same services in the community, but we want to become more relevant for the world we’re living in. We want people to look at this logo with a fresh eye and give us a second look.”

For over 90 years, Easter Seals Wisconsin has been the indispensable resource for people with disabilities. While Easter Seals history is rooted in providing services to children with physical disabilities, today we’re advancing opportunities for people of all ages and a range of disabilities.
Although the look of Easter Seals Wisconsin may change, the service and commitment to our clients remains the same and stronger than ever. The revitalized logo continues to symbolize what Easter Seals has and always will be about— helping people with disabilities gain greater independence—and we’ve been doing so since 1926.