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Volunteer Coordinator

Job Description

The REACH-A-Child (“REACH”) Volunteer Coordinator (“VC”) oversees the deployment of our volunteer network to support the organization in a variety of ways. The VC, whenever possible, engages the volunteers when onsite to ensure they have the necessary guidance and tools to effect their assigned duties. The VC prepares schedules of volunteer manpower needs for REACH events, and populates them with members of the volunteer network. Whenever possible, the VC is in attendance during REACH events to provide the necessary oversight to the volunteers.

Talents Desired
1. Strong organization skills.
2. Knowledge of scheduling tools and resources.
3. Willingness to do what is necessary to accomplish the mission.
4. Ability to engage with and motivate REACH volunteers.
5. Capacity to “memorialize” event details to reference in the future.

Responsibility Expectations
1. Ability to commit up to six hours per month to REACH.
2. Willingness to attend one or more REACH events each quarter.
3. Attend at least one REACH Development Committee meeting per quarter.

Specific Job Duties
1. Schedule volunteer appointments with interested parties/recurring volunteer groups.
2. Meet with staff regularly to fully understand the upcoming volunteer needs.
3. Assist with the monthly Volunteer newsletter as needed.
4. Discuss history and mission of REACH with new volunteers.
5. Keep records of volunteer contact information and dates/times in that role.
6. Post volunteer opportunities on relevant websites and platforms.
7. Add new volunteers to our monthly newsletter.
8. Ensure adequate backup is in place if you are unable to attend a volunteer event.
9. Manage the allocation of duties during the monthly “Volunteer Day”.
10.Ensure office and warehouse are unlocked and locked as appropriate.

To Apply visit reachachild.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/REACH-Employment-Application.pdf
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